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home clinic; how to keep wood decks and porches from losing luster Jul 11, 1982 . Decks built of such rot-resistant woods as redwood or cedar theoretically need no preservative, but beautiful as they are when new, even these . Before applying any exterior stain or sealer to a wood deck, be sure you read the label carefully to make certain that the product is recommended for such use

Deck Finishing and Sealing - BuildDirect The way you should handle finishing and sealing a deck will depend on whether you are using a native wood, a tropical wood, or a pressure-treated wood, as they will respond differently to various finishes. . Though finish can be applied with a sprayer, rollers are recommended for a more complete and protective finish

Deck & Fence Formula | Timber Pro Coatings Timber Pro's Deck & Fence Formula is the best stain and sealer for decks, fences, and outdoor wood. . Tim

New Redwood Deck Staining Tips | Best Deck Stain Reviews Ratings Apr 19, 2017 . Use a deck stain recommended for redwood. A semi-transparent penetrating deck stain is ideal. This type of stain will enhance the redwood's natural beauty and eliminate weathering. When staining redwood, it is important to only apply as much stain as the wood can handle. If stain is not absorbed within..

Best Choice Product to Stain a Wood Deck - Cedar Supply Jun 11, 2014 . The best choice product to stain a wood deck is a product we've been using ourselves for years now and highly recommend . The reason being, Messmer's has a high degree of UV absorbers and transparent pigmentation that that protects redwood decking and cedar decking from the intense sun found..

When To Stain A New Deck | How To Deck Tips | The Sealer Store There are many questions as to when a newly installed deck should be stained. Some stain manufacturers suggest you should wait 3-12 months to let the wood dry while others say to stain the deck right away. The answer can be both just as long as you prep the new wood properly for an application of the stain

5 Best Deck Cleaning & Sealing Services - Santa Rosa CA | Decks . Find Deck Cleaning and Sealing Services in Santa Rosa, CA to help you Clean and Seal Decks, Fences, Patios, Drives, or Porches. All Santa Rosa contractors are prescreened. . Assorted decks, the first one is made froma, the second is redwood, the third picture is a redwood pergola, the . View Project Photos..

How to Finish a Redwood Deck | Home Guides | SF Gate There are a multitude of options available for sealing a redwood deck. The best option for a new redwood deck is to choose an oil-based or alkyd-based tinted penetrating sealer. Penetrating sealers protect the wood better than film finishes like paint because they wear naturally instead of cracking. When a film finish like..

What Is the Best Treatment for Redwood? | Deck treatment is required if you want your redwood to last longer and retain its beautiful hue and finish. With proper staining and care, you can prevent your redwood from cracking and rotting, especially when exposed to water. The ideal sealant for maximum protection of redwood deck is a semi-transparent stain. Before..

Deck Maintenance Made Easier with Redwood | PlanItDIY Aug 26, 2013 . It takes only a few minutes a week, but the simple task of keeping your deck surface clear of debris such as fallen leaves or dust and dirt goes a long way in keeping the look you love. Redwood won't stain like composites and plastics, so you don't have to worry about barbecue grease or red wine leaving a..

Advice on Wood Deck Sealer | Best Wood Deck Sealers - ImproveNet May 14, 2014 . Should you apply sealer to a wooden deck? The answer is that it depends on the type of wood. Redwood and cedar do not need it because they are so naturally rot-resistant. So applying sealer to them would be waste your money and time

CRA | California Redwood Association » Finishing Options Choosing the right finish can help keep your redwood looking exactly how you want it. For interior or exterior finishes, whether you want a clear or tinted finish, our finish guides can help you choose, apply and enjoy a finish that help protect your redwood for years. Refinishing Options. Exterior Finishes Not Recommended

Redwood - Wood & Deck Stain - Exterior Stain & Waterproofing . Shop our selection of Redwood, Wood & Deck Stain in the Paint Department at The

Clean, Seal or Stain a Deck - Lowe's Learn how to test the wood, clean your deck and apply stain or sealer. Then follow the steps to bring your deck back to its original beauty

READY SEAL 5 gal. Redwood Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer-520 . Bring out the beauty of your wood with this READY SEAL Redwood Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer. . that promote algae and fungus growth in wood; Online price includes PaintCare fee in the following states: CA, CO, CT, ME, MN, OR, RI, VT; Which type of exterior paint is best for your home? .. Deck, House & Concrete

best deck preservative??? - Houzz Sep 14, 2005 . We are in the midst of installing a redwood deck, and the wood is so beautiful, we have decided to keep the look, and go with a clear penetrating sealant. From looking online, I've read that the best products are 1.) penetrating 2.) have a high resin content 3.) UV protection 4.) mildewcide and 5.) no waxes or..

Finishes for Wood Decks | Professional Deck Builder | Finishes and . Mar 1, 2012 . Weather wreaks havoc on unprotected wood, even pressure-treated pine, tropical hardwoods, cedar, redwood, and others that are resistant to rot and insect damage. .. When kiln-dried wood isn't an option and you use air-dried or wet lumber, sealing all sides of the board is a recommended best-practice

7 musts for maintaining a redwood deck - Inman Oct 10, 2012 . Which product would you recommend to clean a redwood deck and what sealant should I use? I like a clear, . Although we continue to believe that the best way to clean a deck is with a pressure washer, a stiff-bristle brush and plenty of elbow grease will do the job, especially if cleaning is done regularly

Deck Stain, Sealer and Fence Stain at Ace Hardware Ace Wood Royal Semi-Transparent Latex Deck & Siding Stain in Neutral - Gallon - . Ace Wood Royal Transparent Oil Waterproofing and Protector Deck & Siding Toner in Redwood - Gallon . One sure way to keep your outdoor surfaces looking their best longer term is by applying an exterior stain or deck sealer. Applying..

Decking 101: Stain vs. Paint vs. Seal - Wood. It's Real. | Wood. It's . Jul 30, 2015 . WIR Contributor Michael Connolly. One of the many questions in life should I stain or paint or seal my deck? All will protect your deck, thus saving you tons of cash. The cost of staining, sealing, or painting your deck is way (WAY) cheaper than replacing the whole thing. No matter what, test the color on a..