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Considering a Second Floor? | Monolithic Dome Institute Jun 7, 2010 . A ledger strip is a wooden or metal strip that is bolted to the perimeter of the dome with concrete anchors at the level line of the second or third floor. The floor joist can then be attached to the ledger strip. Remember, there are other methods for attaching a second floor. For further details regarding these and..

Wood trusses vs. concrete vs. ??? for 2nd floor (wood floors, roof . We are going to be starting to build a townhouse/duplex in South Florida sometime in the next 6 months or so and are working through some of the design decisions. One of them involves whether or not to use wood trusses or concrete for the second floor. Besides the obvious differences in overall sound..

Installing a Hardwood Floor Over a Concrete Slab - American . With dry concrete and the right subfloors and vapor retarders, solid hardwood floors can be installed on slabs that are either on-grade (at ground level) or . Over this, apply a second similar coating of mastic and roll out a second layer of asphalt or paper in the same direction as the first, staggering the overlaps to achieve an..

Two story house with concrete 2nd story floor? - TractorByNet.com Sep 3, 2010 . When I was 14-15 I helped my parents physically build our house (2-story). Then, when I was 22-23 they helped me build mine (1-story). So, I do have experience building a 2-story house, but with wood joists (2x12's). I'm thinking about building my next house, a 2-story, with a concrete 2nd story floor

Concrete Block vs Engineered Wood Frame - ICI - Florida LifeStyles Mar 19, 2010 . In the case of CMU homes, the second floor is usually built in wood frame for cost savings. The exterior of the wall has OSB or plywood as sheeting with a certain nailing pattern applied to penetrate the wood studs for maximum strength and rigidity. The Valverde Block Walls. Concrete Block Construction..

2nd Floor Concrete Issues - InterNACHI Inspection Forum Jan 12, 2010 . In December 2009, I called a number of concrete contractors looking for someone to pour gypcrete onto the floor of my gutted 2nd flr (approximately 780sf) . that would not be sufficient as I had a bigger problem because the 8yds of concrete had poured directly on wood and that it was going to rot my floors

Details for Conventional Wood Frame Construction The first approach to achieving a strong, durable struc- ture, involving economical use of materials, is to follow a basic modular plan for layout and attachment of framing members. Such methods use a 4-foot design module, which governs a 16-inch spacing of joists, studs, rafters and panel sheathing products. This module..

what are the benefits of concrete in double storey construction . Dec 3, 2014 . An incredibly intelligent design solution, concrete slab has a range of user benefits. One of the most obvious plusses when using concrete for any kind of construction is its superior durability and strength. Compared to wood or other second storey flooring materials, concrete slab is a much more rigid and..

Types of Subfloor Materials in Construction Projects - The Balance Apr 15, 2017 . The subfloor is the bottom-most layer of your floor. There are several materials you can use as subfloors, depending on the type of finish flooring that you are using. The most commonly used types of subfloors are wood and concrete, but there are other subflooring alternatives that you might consider

How to Install Tile on a Second Floor | Hunker Mar 11, 2011 . However, you can strengthen the subfloor with a layer of cement backerboard and then install tile on the floor as you would with any other tiling project. In fact, tiling on a second floor

Floor Construction - Home Building Answers Floor Construction. The floor is the next step in our structural ladder (footing, foundation, floor, walls, ceiling, roof). The floor will either be wood or a concrete slab. Wood Floor Construction The first floor is supported by the foundation. The second floor in a two story home rests on the first floor walls and other supporting..

Subfloor, Underlayment, Joists - Guide to Floor Layers - The Spruce Sep 26, 2017 . If you are installing solid hardwood or engineered wood, you may be putting down an underlayment of plywood. For wet, mortared applications, such as tile and stone, cement backer board may be your second level down. Laminate flooring gets a completely different type of underlayment--a thin foam that..

How to create the 2nd floor layout and concrete slab - YouTube Jan 10, 2015 . How to create the 2nd floor layout and concrete slab

How to Fix Sagging Floors - Old House Restoration, Products . Jul 20, 2011 . If your house is built over a basement, first inspect all of the basement support beams and posts where they meet the floor. Be suspicious of wood posts set on dirt floors or wood posts with concrete poured around the post bases. As the posts slowly rot and melt into the floor, the house settles accordingly,..

Engineered Wood vs. Solid Wood Floors | Authentic Hardwood . Jun 14, 2017 . When deciding between engineered wood and solid wood floors for your project, it's important to know the differences. . Ground floor, second floor, or basement is an important factor to consider when deciding between engineered and solid hardwood floors. . floors. They can also be on concrete slabs

All About Subfloors - installing flooring over various sub-floors All about installing hardwood, Laminate flooring over different types of subfloors such as Plywood, Plank boards, OSB, Concrete slabs, Particle Board

How to Install a Plywood Shop Floor - The Wood Whisperer Oct 8, 2013 . I built a 900sf wood shop on the back of a two car garage and I wanted a wood floor for a couple of reasons. First it's easier on the body after standing all day and second, and just as important, was the insulation value. I wanted to keep my utility bills to a minimum so along with insulated 2X6 walls, 5/8..

Pouring Second-Story Concrete Flooring | DoItYourself.com Once you have determined that the foundation of the house is strong enough to sustain a concrete floor, lay down wood sheeting. This wood sheeting, which should also be stronger than average, will act as a sub floor. Once the wood sheeting is down, add a covering of plastic. A shower liner or plastic on a roll that is at..

Understanding House Framing - Extreme How To Aug 5, 2008 . Platform framing is easier than balloon framing because you can construct and erect the second story walls on the second story floors. Wall construction on a concrete slab is anchored to the slab with anchor bolts through the wall sole plate. . Today's girders are commonly made of engineered wood

All About Joist and Concrete Floor Structures | DIY In this traditional floor construction, the ends of joists or beams are built into the walls of a block building, and are therefore directly supported by the wall structure. Sometimes joist ends rest on wooden wall plates secured to the wall surface. Old lumber joists secured within a wall may eventually become damp, and might..

Installing subfloor and hardwood on top of concrete (2nd story . I'd go with either a layer of cork or polyiso rigid foam. Then a floating floor on top. A nearby residential tower actually requires the cork underlay. The rigid foam will work just as well at lower cost. The float floor can be two layers of ply staggered and screwed to each other, or a engineered hardwood product